Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the world


One prediction I feel very confident in is that the world will not end tomorrow.  Seriously, some Mayan a bazillion years ago thought to himself, "That seems like far enough to build this calendar, surely someone will pick up the work by then."  Sadly he underestimated the laziness and lack of critical thinking / independent thought skills of the modern world.

Anyway, the stock market continues to be awash in gyrations that seem to be trending higher.  Here's a thought on fiscal cliff outcomes outlined by a friend of mine.
Outcome 1) no resolution to fiscal cliff = raise taxes & cut spending.
Outcome 2) agreeable resolution = raise taxes & cut spending.

Today's scores:

TSP / 401K / IRA:  Safety

PROGRAMMING NOTE:  I'm going on Christmas vacation, Clark Griswold style. I won't have access to my normal charts and files so for the next week I'll only post text, and only if something is worthy of discussion.  Enjoy your holidays!


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