Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Faith is hard

Faith in a system is difficult sometimes

This morning when I woke up and checked the futures first thing, like I always do, I was expecting to see some red numbers, but they were instead green.  So, once it looked like the market was going to open higher I sent an email to the RumWave faithful explaining that I would be comfortable holding our short positions even if the market closed moderately higher.  As it turned out the DJIA closed .5% higher, which was within my comfort zone.  I was excited to run the daily scores today, and here are the results:

The overall daily score pushed back into red territory.  Yesterday I posted that I may be a couple days early with my call to go short, and it was proven true today.  Overnight we will get the ECB constitutional decision.  The market is primed for a disappointment, so we'll see how the decision gets interpreted.


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