Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Wave

Update to the sample profile ledger below as of market close on 12 Sep.  I put out the buy recommendation (using the needles above) on 20 Aug.


  1. Hi Landon,

    I follow your work with great interest, but I missed you Aug 20 entry. Do you have an email list I could get added to?


  2. Hi Robin! Thanks for being a reader! I had moved away from posts every day and more toward simply adjusting the needles on the top of the page for everyone to see. That way, subscribers didn't get spammed every day with information that may or may not be truly value-added. That obviously isn't working out. The problem is that readers have to come back to the sight every day which is labor intensive. And, since I don't make any money off advertising, there is really no point. Lets do this.. Please subscribe to the blog with the link on this page. I'll make a post when market conditions change and you should get an email. This way, they are like email alerts. Fair enough? Thanks again for reading!!!

  3. Hi Landon, I can't complain with whatever you do since you need to make it work with your life and schedule. I hadn't realized I just needed to check the needles at the top (my fault). If you ever want to go back to that just say so. I would then just set your blog as a home page so that it reloads more often.

    FWIW, originally, I had seen your posts on Slope of Hope.

    Thanks again.