Thursday, October 4, 2012


Bulls are in charge

The market is starting a new move to new highs.  It may not be a straight shot up, but I think "up" is the direction the market wants to go for the next little while.  My levereged DJIA ETF made a 1.8% gain today which was nice.  Hopefully we continue the trend tomorrow!  A big "jobs" number is due out tomorrow.  If it is even a little better than expected I think the market will jump on the news.  

The scores:

The 4 hour DJIA chart score (middle row of numbers) turned red today.  They are not at super high levels, but it suggests that the ultra short term market (1 or 2 days) is getting a little overbought.  The "score total" number (bottom row of numbers) is still in the green.  It is being balanced out by the RumWave score and suggests that there is still plenty of room to run on this wave over the next 10-20 business days.

TSP gameplan:  75% C fund, 25% S fund


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