Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello World! This blog is intended to help average investors beat the market. You will see simple recommendations from me in stoplight form. I am not a professional trader or money manager. Rather, I am a fighter pilot who is mildly obsessed with financial markets. Years of personal study and failed attempts to develop a reliable method of trading (i.e. other people’s methods) led me to a unique and incredibly accurate procedure that has yielded phenomenal results. I call it the RUM wave.. Reversion to Unified Mean. Here is how the procedure works: 1) Wait for Green Light on this blog 2) Purchase your favorite (bullish) instrument that matches the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 3) Hold said instrument while yellow and light-red lights are displayed on this blog. Expect to hold 10-25 days depending on the strength of the market move. 4) Sell when the red light is displayed to secure your profits. Ground rules: 1) DO NOT SHORT using this procedure. This method is designed for long term (multi-year) bull markets, even though the expected holding period is 10-25 days. During such markets, sideways moves will produce sell signals, and will not gain you (short) profits. 2) I will not reveal the intricacies of my method.. sorry. 3) This blog is a great tool in your toolbox, not the end-all-be-all-brain-replacement so many people are looking for. 4) I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL TRADER, FINANCIAL PLANNER, OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. YOUR TRADES ARE YOUR OWN. DON’T TRADE WITH MONEY YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE. Thanks for reading, and happy trading! -RUM wave

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